Finance Department

The Finance Department of the District Council of Grand Port plays a determining role in the overall functioning of the Council. The department is headed by the Treasurer and comprises 3 sections, namely: The Expenditure Section; The Income Section and the Stores Section. The main functions of the Finance Department may be summarized as follows:

• To prepare and monitor the Council’s budget
• To monitor the Council’s expenditure and ensure that funds are disbursed in line with existing financial regulations
• To ensure that all amounts due to the Council are collected
• To prepare detailed accounts of the Council
• To manage the council’s banking business and investments

The Council’s main revenue is via government grant. The head of income manages the revenue, mainly from license fees. Other revenues include bank interest, market and fair fees, scavenging fees, cemetery fees and all other taxes that are payable under the 8th Schedule of the Local Government Act. The head of income, assisted by the Tax Controller, also conducts survey to monitor and check for illegal operators, i.e. people trading without licenses.

The Procurement and Supply Officer is responsible for the purchase of office related items, maintenance of stock and supply of items. The Head of Expenditure is responsible for all issues related to expenditure and accountable to the Financial Controller.