Administration Department

The Administration Department is headed by the Chief Executive who is responsible for the overall matters of the Council. This department co-ordinates the activities of all other departments and also see to it that decisions taken by the Council are implemented in the least possible delay.
The following are the sections falling under the Administration Department:

1. Human Resources Development Section

This department handles all personnel related matters pertaining to the staff of both the District Council and the Village Councils. It is under the responsibility of the Human Resources Development Officer.

This section deals mainly with the following:
(a) Appointments
(b) Promotions
(c) Training of staff
(d) Retirements
(e) Discipline

2. Information Technology Section

This section is headed by the IT Officer/Systems Administrator who is responsible for:

  • The management of computer hardware and information systems of the Council
  • The physical and logical/logistics security aspects of the computer systems
  • The day-to-day running of the IT Section and the coordination of all activities with other department/sections
  • Database, System and Network administration and management
  • Control and Management of the Council’s website
  • Assessment of the hardware and software requirements of the Council
  • Provision of appropriate training to District Council staff and supervision of officers working in the IT Section

3. Internal Audit Section

Headed by the Internal Auditor, its main functions are as follows:
a Check and approve payment vouchers from various departments
b Check purchase orders/ tender documents and other relevant documents
c Check payroll calculation

4. Registry Section

The main activities of the Registry consists of:
(a) Archiving official letters and documents of various departments of the Council.
(b) Controlling incoming and outgoing mails.
(c) Receiving applications for Licences
(d) Preparing and sending of minutes of Council meetings to Councillors, officers, etc.