Our Vision

“Local Government is not, in our view, limited to the narrow provision of a series of services to the local community…  It has within its purview the overall economic, cultural and physical well-being of that community”

Our Mission

“To ensure that the District Council of Grand Port fulfills its statutory commitments effectively and efficiently and that the area it serves becomes a better place to live in.”

Our Core Values

· Preserving and enhancing lifestyle of inhabitants of Grand Port Region

· Practice responsible care for our resources, assets and environment

· Equal access to services to all people

· Recognising the needs of all groups

· Creating opportunities for employment

· Commitment to integrity, honesty, impartiality and consistency in decision-making

· Efficiency and effectiveness

· Encourage creativity and quality innovative services

Our Objectives

· To meet village people’s needs and growing demands by providing a wide range of service, viz scavenging services, road works, burials, street lighting, maintenance of public gardens, welfare services, organization of sports and cultural activities and by executing the work required by the villagers.

· To be on appropriate wavelength with changes in order not to be overtaken by innovations taking place in our environment and to keep pace with extended development in the rural residential areas.

· To be in constant contact with our customers and to have frequent exchange of views and discussions about local problems and needs in order to deliver the goods efficiently and promptly (in order to increase the Council’s efficiency and enhance the value it obtains from money it spends).

· To preserve good public relations which are essential for the projection of a good image to the public about the Councillors, Officers and their performance.  To do so, we aim at working in close collaboration with our stakeholders such as our parent Ministry and the Ministry of Environement and National Development Unit.