Welfare Department

This department is responsible for all welfare, sports and social activities of the District Council. Its duties and responsibilities may be summarised as follows:

• Sports and leisure activities;
• The regular mowing and maintenance of football grounds and green spaces;
• Running of Council’s libraries found in villages;
• The regular maintenance and repairs of children’s gardens and parks;
• Process the demand for sponsors from NGOs, sports federations, socio-cultural organisations and others;
• Responsible for the running of sewing classes in all Village halls


New Grove, Gros Billot, La Rosa, Mare Tabac, Rivière du Poste, Mare D’Albert, Plaine Magnien, Cité la Chaux, Mahébourg, Grand Bel Air, Petit Bel Air, Rivière des Creoles, Grand Port, Bois des Amourettes, Bamvous Virieux, Grand Sable, Petit Sable, Quatre Soeurs, Trois Boutiques, Cluny, Bananes, Midlands, Nouvelle France, Union Park, Camp Bananes, Grand Bois, Bois Chéri, Balisson, Chamouny, Chemin Grenier, Surinam, Rivière des Anguilles, Souillac, Camp Diable, Bénares, St Hubert, St Hilaire, Mare Chicose


Balisson, L’Escalier, Surinam, Quatre Soeurs, Mont Fertile, St Aubin, Rivière des Anguilles, Mare Tabac, District Council Yard


Bambous Virieux, Bananes, Bois Chéri, Camp Diable, Chemin Grenier, Cluny, Grand Bel Air, Grand Sable, Petit Sable, Mahébourg, Mare Chicose, Mare D’Albert, Midlands, New Grove, Gros Billot, Nouvelle France, Old Grand Port, Quatre Soeurs, Deux Freres, Rivières des Anguilles, Rivière des Créoles, Rivière du Poste, Rose Belle, Souillac, St Hubert, Trois Boutiques, Camp Carol, Union Park