Public Health Department

This department is under the responsibility of the Chief Health Inspector. It comprises of the following sections: markets; scavenging; cemeteries and trade license.


This is an in-house service available in 24 villages within the Council’s jurisdiction. Currently, a fleet of 7 lorries together with a Bell Loader, is available to cater for such services. Scavenging is performed on a weekly basis while commercial zones receive it twice a week.


There are 8 cemeteries within the Council’s jurisdiction namely at:

  • Beau Champ
  • Mare Tabac
  • Midlands
  • Old Grand Port-marine Cemetery
  • Petit Sable
  • Plaine Magnien
  • Pointe Brocus
  • St Hubert
  • Union Park

Markets and Fairs

The Council operates 3 markets/fairs within its jurisdiction, namely at :