Public Infrastructure Department

This department is under the responsibility of the Head, Public Infrastructure Department. The services offered are

(i) Repairs, maintenance, resurfacing and construction of roads, which are not classified..
(ii) Maintenance of road traffic signs, street name plates and village name plates.
(iii) Repairs and maintenance of bridges and handrails.
(iv) Repairs and maintenance of street lighting within the District.
(v) Repairs, maintenance and construction of footways, drains, gutters and pavements.
(vi) Repairs and maintenance of District Council’s buildings

1. The Lighting Section

The lighting section deals with:

a. Maintenance of street lighting.
b. Improvement of street lighting – installation of poles and lanterns in the District Council of Grand Port area.
c. Maintenance and improvement to electrical installation in the Council’s public gardens, markets, sports grounds and village halls premises.
d. Provide street illumination either across or along roads during festive periods.

2. The Workshop

The workshop ensures regular maintenance, servicing and minor repairs of the Council’s vehicles and equipment used by various departments of the Council.