Building and Land Use Permit

There are 4 types of application forms:

BLP1 – For Residential development not exceeding Ground + 3 levels.

BLP2 – For Excision 1 lot or Sub-division of land among heirs.

BLP3 – For Residential development exceeding Ground + 3 levels, Commercial development, Industrial development, Services, Sui Generis, Commercial Development by Small Enterprise and Installation of any engine.

OPP  –  As per the Town & Country Planning Act (as amended) “an Outline Planning Permission is a permission for the development of land sought from a local authority at an early stage and irrespective of whether a Building and Land Use Permit is to be granted or not and before any substantial costs are incurred in relation to the development of the land.” An OPP does not authorize the holder to start work on the land to which the application relates until and unless a BLP is issued for the reserved matters.

Before filling in the application form, please read the Building & Land use Permit Guide. The BLP Guide tells you how to fill in the forms and about the plans and other documents that you must provide with the application.

Check with the planning Department whether you really require a Building & Land use Permit.

NOTE: Application will not be registered if parts A, B & C of the forms are not filled in and signed or if documents are missing.